Does Makeup Have A Purpose?

It's a question that gets a lot of us thinking. Why do we wear makeup? It's as almost if we are trying to shield something that we don't want others to see, but why is this? I wear makeup everyday and it's a very rare occasion if you see me without it. Thinking about the question "does makeup have a purpose?", I guess you could ask yourself why do YOU wear it? I guess without it, I don't quite feel like myself. It's almost as if, for me, I feel a lot better with it on and without it, I feel sort of under dressed? I'm not sure if anyone is able to agree with that point? It's more of a confidence booster. There is the case where people perhaps feel pressured to wear it all because their friends and family do. You see the girls over lining their lips to follow the trends in order to make their lips bigger and that isn't for me.

The cosmetics industry in the United Kingdom is one of the largest in the country and was named the third-largest market operating business in this country, whilst being the seventh largest globally. It is proven to be shown that the French makeup brand L'Oreal was the most popular brand raking in a whopping €31 billion. It appears from studies that we are splashing out a total of £482.51 on makeup products each year. However, this is just an average. Using the new tool by Fragrance Direct, you're able to work out how much you are spending on makeup products based upon the averages you are spending on each product. I did it and my results were completely shocking. I love makeup, and I have a thing for buying good quality makeup, so I always swear by the brand BareMinerals, which is a little pricey. I just prefer the vitamin usage they use in their products and I find when using cheaper brands of foundation, my skin goes spotty and oily. Sometimes it's worth to spend a little more if it ensures a better quality of the product.

Anyway, it was worked out that I spend on an average if you calculated all the pieces of makeup I own, £8.54 daily, £256.20 monthly and £3074.40 annually. Luckily some of the makeup I have was gifted, so hopefully the results would be a little less! You can find out your value here:

I was also interested to know how other people felt about wearing makeup and why they chose to wear it. We all know that people wear it for various reasons and everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. No one can tell you how much or how little you should be wearing - you do what you feel confident wearing. I came back with various responses from people which were so interesting and honest to read.


"after not wearing much makeup for many years during my marriage I felt lost and became anxious - coming out of that, makeup makes me feel better about myself and I feel a lot more confident and noticing that I get a lot of compliments about my appearance which is a massive confidence booster"

"I wear makeup because it gives me more confidence, makes me feel more presentable and ready for the day. Whilst I don't rely on it, it makes me feel more in control"

"I wear makeup because it just gives me a boost of confidence. I fixate on my appearance a lot and being able to conceal up my blemishes and dark circles allows me to feel better about how I look"

"I wear makeup because it makes me feel more confident. I don't always wear it because I feel that you shouldn't always have to. I feel like natural beauty should be more appreciated. I prefer to be natural than wear layers on my face"

"It makes me feel more confident and pretty. It's relaxing and fun to put it on!"


Realistically, all it comes down to is a confidence booster, and I am sure that a lot of people feel like this. What I take away from this is that we wear this on our faces for our own benefit. There is the discussion that we wear it for other people, and I am sure that this is somewhat a factor. But really, I'm sure we can all say we wear it for ourselves to feel better about ourselves. I know that personally I really enjoy doing my makeup and spending ages on it to make it look perfect. In some ways, it is a form of art. Although it does cost a lot, without it, I wouldn't quite feel like myself. At the end of the day, don't let anyone tell you that you should wear it or you shouldn't wear it - this is solely your decision and you decide and do what is best for yourself.

EJ x

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