Have I Met The One?

It is very easy to imagine that when you're with someone, you see them as "the one". The one person you'll end up marrying and living together forever with.

if you can't get somebody off your mind, they are probably supposed to be there...

Love is an amazing feeling. There is no feeling quite like it where you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It can be easily distracted with people we may think we are in love with, but perhaps are not quite right or even well suited to us. Then there is that saying we all know. "Love is blind". Essentially meaning that when we like someone so much, we refuse to see the bad things or qualities that they may bring upon us.

Love may open up various questions in our minds. How do I know when I have met the one? What does true feel like? Yet, these are questions that you truly won't know how to answer until you actually experience.

You Become The Priority

Suddenly there is this world where this person in your life becomes the single most important thing to you. This goes vice versa for them. You start to think about them more, wanting to look after them, care for them and check up on them, and equally this will happen to you.

You Feel Very Easy & Relaxed

Being around this person causes no worry. You feel relaxed, can open up about your emotions and can honestly be yourself. Whether this be laughing, talking, crying...just being yourself. It feels so effortless and once you realise this, you want to be around them even more. It comes very naturally and easy.

You Trust Them

Trust is such a huge thing when it comes to being in a relationship. If there is no trust, it is highly unlikely that it won't work. You'll know you've met the one when the trust element is there. There is just something in this universe that makes you want to trust them; something that comes very natural to you. You trust that this person will be there for you, regardless of the situation. They have you, and you have them. You'll never be able to second guess them or worry about where they are or their intentions.

They Feel Like Home To You

There is that lovely feeling when you're with someone and it just feels comforting. It feels homely and there is a sense of familiarity about them. You could be absolutely anywhere in the world with them, but that won't matter as you'll be with them. This is a huge indicator that you're with the right person.

They Are Genuinely Kind

You obviously want to be with someone who is lovely and kind. It might be an obvious one, but if your partner is kind, you will be able to see this from early on. This can be a huge sign that you're with the one.

You Share The Same Goals & Values

In life, you want to be with someone you believes in the same morals as you. If you're with someone with different values, clashes and conflict could be released within your environment. Values can shift from person to person but it's important to see eye-to-eye on them with your partner. From kids, marriage, lifestyle, careers....If you agree on the "big stuff", then most likely, you are heading in the right direction.

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