How To Disconnect Yourself From Technology When You Need A Break

Technology surrounds us. I would almost say that it is pretty hard to avoid it in this day and age. There is almost nothing now that would enable us to live a technology free life. Look at the NHS Covid Passes; you either need to show them on your phone or print them out if you're going out to a venue. So for some, it can be hard to just shut off from the world and leave technology aside for a moment.

Sometimes, it can be healthy to have a little detox from this lifestyle. Too much is bad for our bodies and the powers of social media within technology also can infiltrate our own mental health. Smartphones are never far from our finger tips, and I am guilty of this too. I keep mine either in my pocket or beside me at all times, but understand when that becomes unhealthy. It can become difficult when you're whole life is on this phone. From emails, to messages and phone calls. Any alert going off, and my full attention goes to this phone to see who wants me.

I was told once to not to be a slave to my phone, and this is true. In the example of someone messaging you and you haven't replied instantly, then that is okay. You are not to everyone's beck and call - unless of course it is an urgent matter. Perhaps you find yourself guilty of this? Are you the person messaging or "spamming" to other on messages in order to gain their attention? Maybe on their behalf, they simply want a little break, or haven't seen it. I believe there is no harm in waiting a few hours to get back to someone. If you're enjoying your day and taking in the world, then why get rid of that for a moment all for the sake of a message. I am a firm believer in living in the moment, and quite frankly if you are constantly on your phone, then you are not in that moment!

Now I think the key thing we need to discuss here is how we can disconnect ourselves from technology, hence the title of this article! A digital detox could be the best thing for you right now! After all, like I said, in our everyday life, we depend so much on technology. How many times do we check our devices? I am certainly guilty to going on it too often to check Instagram and Facebook!

Personally I spend a daily average of 7 hours on my phone!

The above is so shocking. It just goes to show how much I really depend on my phone, and the real question is, do I need to rely on it so much? How much time do you spend on your phone? You can find this on an iPhone by going into settings and then scrolling down to click on "Screen Time".

Whatever the reason, we all need a little break from technology. Whilst one day is a really great start it is important to try and make this a regular habit!

  • Leave your phone charging in another room when you go to bed

One of the biggest issues we have is going on our phones right before bed. This is incredibly harmful to us. The blue light from the screen suppresses melatonin - this is the hormone response for helping us shutting down at night and go to sleep. This blue light from our phones is artificial light that technically mimics daylight, so our bodies find it harder to go to sleep as it thinks we should be active during the day. By the time you come to wake up, you won't be a slave to your phone and feel the need to go on it straight away. Why not pick up a nice book or be motivated and get ready for the day!

  • Be present and live in the moment

You don't need to be plastering social media of you at certain events or outings. And although this is nice to have a memory, I'll be truthfully honest, no one actually cares. If you're at that concert and doing an Instagram live, don't. Just live in the moment; dance; be free; make memories. You don't need to tell everyone that you are there? By all means film and take photos for your own personal use but don't feel like you need to show everyone. Same goes for any activity in life. If you're on a walk, unless it rings, what reason do you need to be on your phone? Just enjoy the walk. Out for a meal? Have a laugh with the people/person you are with! You don't need a phone or to be texting someone else when you're out!

  • Find an activity

Find and indulge in something you enjoy. This could be being creative and doing some art, or being physical. Yoga is a great way to relax your mind and focus on something. Fitness and exercise is also incredibly beneficial. Exercise releases happy endorphins to get you going for the day. If you struggle with long workouts, a work around the block would even be beneficial. You have to think of it that something is better than nothing!

  • Give your mind a rest!

If you are continuing to have constant updates and alerts, you're mind is going to be doing all sorts and not giving it the rest it needs. Both our minds and bodies need rest! Everyday we are being bombarded from texts, phone calls, emails and news stories all via updates on our phones. We must switch for the sake our minds and mental health. Too much can cause stress.

  • Switching off will help your relationship

A lot of relationships struggle because of technology. Time for each other seems to have been wiped away in exchange for being on a phone. We are spending so much time online that we are talking less and less. Ask yourself, when you go out for a meal with your partner, do you put your phone on the table? Why? What are you expecting from it? Don't you want to live and laugh in the moment? Perhaps this is some food for thought for some people. Switching off can help keep us all connected face-to-face.

  • You will feel happier!!

Many things on social media can make us down. We are constantly comparing ourselves to each other on social media and thinking "I want to look like them"...well, the truth is you are not them, so you are not going to look like them. You are you and you are perfect. And if it takes coming off social media to see it for a few hours, then so be it! Have more confidence in yourself and think more "I am" rather than "I wish". You are amazing!


  • Challenge yourself

  • Shut off

  • Be strong & independent

  • Set some rules

It is important we take this time out for ourselves. I hope you feel the same too.


Wishing you all the best,

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