Incredible Cocktails at The Gin Sanctuary - Plymouth

Located in Sutton Harbour on Vauxhall Street, Plymouth, is this gorgeous hidden gem - The Gin Sanctuary. Having driven past it a fair few times, I really wanted to go and visit. It had always looked so beautiful inside and even the architecture had caught my attention. They are open everyday of the week and open til 1am on Friday's and Saturday's! I had wanted to go to this bar for months but finally found the excuse one date night. I didn't want to sound like a snob, but the sticky tables and plastic cup bars were not really my vibe that evening, so I'm so happy we booked The Gin Sanctuary last minute.

From the word go, nothing was too much of an ask. Immediately after you are sat down, glasses of water are brought to your table whilst you choose your gins/cocktails. I thought this was a really nice touch. There is lots of seating and sofas to book out, so it's the perfect excuse for a catch up with couples, friends or family for some drinks. We sat down and ordered a few cocktails to begin with. There was so much choice that I actually found it really hard to choose. I'm a big fan of sweet cocktails as I don't like anything too strong or bitter. We ended up ordering Coconut Snowball (this is literally insane and tastes so good!) and I went for the Fragaria which is essentially like a strawberry alcoholic milkshake but with soya milk! The service was really good and all the waiters were very attentive. No problem was too much, and as a person who literally takes ages to decide on what to order, the waiters were great at helping me choose following my sweet preferences. There is a lot to choose from, from Frozen Cocktails, G&Ts and various other cocktails.

Next we ordered some more cocktails. I was really intrigued to try a frozen cocktail, as I'd never had one before! Further into the night, we ended up ordering "Watermelon Sugar (frozen cocktail) and Gin Fantango - a gin Fanta like cocktail. Both tasted amazing. As you can see, the cocktails looked AMAZING, and I can say that they definitely tasted good too! If you were planning on going, I would recommend booking just in case (always be on the safe side!) to avoid disappointment. I know I'll be back very soon! They also do amazing coffees too!

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01752 242648

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