Due to the Coronavirus, the United Kingdom, alongside many other countries have found themselves in a lockdown. I am finding it exceptionally hard being away from my loved ones; whether this is my boyfriend, or my family who I am currently apart from. 

Its not been easy being away from these people, and I find myself stuck in a routine. Every night my boyfriend and I will video call - we've been doing this for the last four weeks. He reminds me everyday that this "won't be forever" and perhaps by saying that it makes me a little bit stronger. I also try to tell myself that I am not the only one who is apart from someone I love and everyday is a tiny bit closer to seeing him again. Like anything, we both have shared our ups and downs during this unusual time. We have supported each other along the way, in which, I cannot credit and thank him enough for being an amazing support to me, whilst also being a sympathetic and reassuring person. I tend to think I would have strongly struggled within this process if he wasn't there to help me in his nurturing manner. 

I try to think of distractions to keep things a bit different and entertaining for us - it is horrible but understandable to say we really don't have much to talk about simply because neither of us are doing anything! However we have tried to do various things "together" to the best of our ability.

  • Netflix - most nights we try and watch a film together whilst on a video call. I have made a list of films that we both plan to watch together. Despite not being together, we can still talk about the film and laugh together, and in a weird way, it feels like we are together - just not physically. You can try a do a "Netflix Party" with someone. This syncs the videos together so you're able to watch something with someone when you're not together

  • Virtual Walk- We have both been on a virtual walk. This is where we video call at the same time whilst on a walk, show each other the scenery and chat about where we are. Strange to say, it does feel like you are together as you're both out walking. It also is nicer to get fresh air, a different view and not be stuck on a laptop on video call

  • Multiplayer Apps - We've done this a couple of times. We have played 8 Ball Pool, Draw Something and have downloaded Monopoly - we are yet to play! It is something different to do rather than just chat on a video call. I have found sometimes when on a call, we go into the habit of just scrolling through our phones, so by playing these games it is something different to do.

  • University Work - As we are both on the same course at University we can both help and give each other ideas for our upcoming deadlines. This is good as you have that little bit of extra support you wouldn't normally have.

As he tells me, we have all got to stay positive, take each day as it comes, and this will all be over. I am absolutely buzzing to see him again. 

​EJ x

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