Self Care? And my own regime

Well, what is it? It's not really something we think about. More importantly, do we even have time for it? We're so rushed off our feet in our exceptionally busy lives, that once work is done, are you even bothered to take that extra time out for yourself? Or your life could be taken over by children, so by the end of the evening you're shattered! The topic of self care is popular; you hear about it all over Instagram and other blogs explaining what it is, but yet it's still pretty hard to understand. You could even be one of those people that thinks it's so vague and not worth participating in, and if that's you, that's okay. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and feelings.

I understand that self care is beneficial to your mental health and advised that you should partake in it. NHS England explains that self care is about "keeping fit and healthy and understanding when you can look after yourself". I feel this applies differently from person to person. Are you the person looking to achieve a weight loss goal? Or does social activities benefit you? Perhaps you are the person that enjoys doing activities such as gardening to place your mind in a place that connects with nature? I'm actually none of these. For me, beauty plays such a huge part in my life.

As someone who wears a fair bit of makeup, I have been questioned "why wear it?". Well why does anyone? Some see it as a shield, some see it as a way of impressing others, or some just feel happier wearing it. For me, this is my self care. I have great pleasure taking care of myself and making myself look presentable. I'm not doing it for anyone, because why should you? From a personal perspective, it makes me happy doing it, and I don't quite feel like myself if I haven't got it on. There are days, especially in the summer, where I simply cannot be bothered to wear it, and that's fine! I honestly could not care less if my family, close friends or boyfriend saw me without makeup. It's what I naturally look like at the end of the day!

For a self care regime, personally it's about taking a little time out to take care of yourself. As I said, this does include a lot of beauty, and as someone who has crazy curly hair, my hair is a big focus. I take time to put on hair masks before a shower and even after a shower, I will apply argan oil to my wet hair to ensure it doesn't get damaged by the heat of a hair dryer and will make my hair curlier and shinier.

I got the argan oil spray in Superdrug - it wasn't too expensive either. It was priced around £5 with an offer on for two for £12.00 so I bought the Moroccan argan oil hair mask too. Both products are great because they are a product of Kew Botanical Gardens and are animal cruelty free. It's great for the hair and as someone with hair that does get dry often, it's nice to add this bit of shininess and hydration to it.

Argan oil is great for your hair. Many hair problems such as dryness, dullness, frizziness and hair lacking shine can all be solved using this oil to repair boring looking hair. It is so important to me that my hair looks good as I consider it as one of my main features and people know me for my big curly hair! For anyone with curly hair, I tend to put the hair mask on dry hair, brush it (and completely ignore the instructions given on the mask!), tie it up and leave on for about 10 minutes. Once that's up, I wash it all out in the shower and wash as normal. It just gives that extra shine that I personally want. After the shower, I spray the oil all over my damp hair, but avoiding the roots. The trick to achieve the best curls (if you have curly hair) is to towel dry it. Hair drying just makes mine go all frizzy and big! Grab little sections of the damp hair, pat over with a towel and let it dry naturally - this is so much better than using the hairdryer as you can get so much heat damage on your hair using it. This care is really important for me as like anyone would feel, looking my best is important. If I don't feel that I look right, I won't feel entirely comfortable. This is why it is important to me.

Another thing I'll share for my own self care is that I write a diary. Whenever I feel down, I write. This is a really useful method as I manage to get my feelings out (how petty they may be) but without anyone knowing as some can be very personal. It's also good to look back on and learn from (if there are any) mistakes. It's always interesting to read what happened, for instance, a year ago and how I was feeling. It's also a good chance to reflect. If it was a bad entry a year ago, I can reflect how far I've come in life and how happy I am now. It does make you realise where you were prior to now and appreciate happiness. If this doesn't work for you, that's cool. Maybe you're someone who would rather tell another how you're feeling and if this suits you, do it! This is just my preference, in which I am sharing with you.

This is just a very short entry on my self care and one of the main regimes I do for it. I would love to hear you self care regimes and how this has benefited you!

Thanks for all your reads, it's great to see so many views lately!


EJ x

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