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Supporting a local business is a really important thing to do. Not only are you helping someone, but they secretly do a little dance when you support them. Having a small business myself, I get super excited when someone purchases one of my handmade resin gifts. Living in South Devon and on the border of South East Cornwall, you find a lot of little small businesses dotted around the area. This is their life, their income and their way to feel apart of the community. These places are not just one big community, but act like a family. Everyone seems to know everyone and there is a lovely sense of community spirit about the place. I feel it is important to share with kindness. So as you're reading this, I would love to share with you some of the amazing businesses you too can support.

  1. Zinn's Coffee and Cake - Tregantle Beach, Military Rd, Torpoint PL11 3AZ

Their ideology is "a walk along the beach with a coffee in hand is all you need". The newly established business serves up a variety of delicious coffees, teas, hot chocolates and most recently launched are their iced coffees. I was addicted to their hot chocolates when we first started going - their choices for toppings is amazing! (they even do kids sizes too if you're little ones fancied a cheeky treat). After seeing friends share the local business on social media, I really wanted to see what the hype was all about. And I can see why! A service always comes with a smile. It doesn't feel like Zinn's are just there for the business - it feels like chatting to a friend. It is so nice that instead of taking your order and emerging into silence, the Zinn's couple take the time to engage in conversation with you and ask how you're doing. It's much better than say going into a branded coffee shop and feeling like you are just another customer out of the hundreds they serve everyday. Zinn's is sure to make you feel special with their caring and warm welcome. Having just launched their "coffee on the rocks", it's wise to head down to the VW van to try it. You can add a shot of flavour too for just 30p! Splash a bit of Hazelnut, Vanilla or Caramel into the iced latte and you have the perfect combination. Caramel has to be my favourite! And don't worry, if you do not drink milk or have a dairy intolerance, then they haven't forgotten you! Dairy alternatives are available too! Make sure to try their ever changing selection of delicious cakes! So naughty but nice!

2. Harbourside Fish and Chips, 35 Southside St, Plymouth PL1 2LE

Harbourside Fish and Chips based on Southside Street at the Barbican is an extremely popular fish and chips - if you have been before, then you will know why. You may find it a bit funny, why a vegetarian like myself is going to a fish and chip takeaway. I've always thought that the chips from a chippie are just like no other. On our anniversary, my boyfriend and I thought we do something a bit different. Instead of just getting your standard takeaway, we thought we'd get a fish and chips and sit outside. For February, the weather was beautiful and we were extremely lucky our anniversary had fallen on such a beautiful day! Lewis had ordered the bog standard cod and chips and I opted in for the falafel burger. I wasn't too sure how it would be as I've had some burgers before where it's literally been a slap of lettuce and tomato in the bun and that for me is just not satisfying! However, this burger is really good! If you were going to order it, I'd definitely recommend adding extra cheese to it as it adds to the amazing flavour. Just don't do what I do and over order. You know when you're really hungry and you're just like "omg food!" Well that was me when ordering online for click and collect so if you're not in the mood to stuff your face, don't do that! The takeaway has won many fish and chip awards and in the takeaway they have a small little restaurant you can sit in! Right now it's takeaway only but let's hope after April 12th things will start to look a little better in terms of Coronavirus!

3. EcoBlitz Eco Shop, 2 Corporation Road, Plymouth PL2 3NT

EcoBlitz is a cleaning company based in Plymouth, Devon and have recently opened their own "ecoshop". Their ethos as stated on their website is "committed to being sustainable and endeavours to encourage others to make a positive change" and that's an ethos I really like. It has been made very clear that not only do they have a passion for what they do, but also care deeply for their environment. For example, they have a car share scheme in place to ensure the carbon emissions can be reduced by their staff. In store they stock a lovely selection of cleaning products, household essentials such as biodegradable kitchen roll, whilst also stocking some lovely beauty and wellbeing products. These include amazingly scented organic soaps, eye gels, deodorant, hand creams and many more. It is definitely worth a visit as it's clear these guys are fully stocked for your everyday household needs.

4. Jar – Zero Waste Shop, 38 Looe St, Plymouth PL4 0EB

I'm sure you can guess from the title! Jar is an independent zero waste shop based in Plymouth. It's a great way to shop more sustainably and support a local trader. It's also so simple to do! All you need to do is bring along your own reusable containers and just fill up as much as you need! You then only buy what you need through weight! This ensures that there is no wastage or no excess packaging that is harmful to our environment.

Current produce they stock:

- Loose foods including organic pasta, beans, lentils, rice, dried fruits, nuts and seeds to name a few

- flour, herbs/spices and raw vegan chocolate

- household essentials such as washing up liquids, glass cleaner, hand soaps and hand sanitizer

- shampoos, conditioners, soaps, deodorants

- a lovely array of gifts and homemade goods

If you do visit, don't forget to bring your container now you know the sort of things they stock and sell. But don't worry, they do have their own available in case you forget yours!

I really hope this post has inspired you to shop and support local. These businesses are really amazing and are a credit to the place and community they are in. Each supply and provide something different for everyone and right now, support is everything they need. Next time you go out and want a coffee or perhaps some new cleaning products, if you're local or in the area, consider these businesses that are local to South East Cornwall and Plymouth. The big branded companies don't need your money to survive...these small businesses do.

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