The Idea Of A Care Free Life

It would seem perfect if we didn't care about silly little things.....but we're human, and we can't help but to care. Even stupid little comments that grind our gears and irritate us. I would love the ideology of caring less, and as I've got older, I have started to notice that things don't bother me as much. I mean when I was waaaay younger, the smallest things would get me and set me off. I'm still fairly sensitive, but that's just in my nature and I don't think that's going to be changing anytime soon! I've tried to not let comments get to me as much, and it completely depends on the situation as to how I'll react. Like obviously if someone says something to me in public that I don't like, it'll have to be a case of smiling back and holding back the reaction as I don't want to be rude! I had this the other day actually. I was in public and in a location where someone else came up to me looking for someone else and hadn't expected me to be there instead. I at first thought they were shocked by the disgusting weather so looked at me to be like "thank god I'm out of that wind and rain", but no! They were shocked to see me. AND JUST STARED....I was a bit like can I help you? Not really sure what to do or say? Next thing I know, she's ringing the person who she was trying to find and while doing this called me a "strange looking girl". I mean, me inside was like "you what? So someone in public thinks I'm strange looking? Wow!". But outside, I just smiled and tried to hide my shock at this comment. I was quite blown away to be honest, but this is the point! Why did I care so much after such a silly little comment? It's funny how we react to these kind of things.

Me...trying to live a care free life lol

Do you know what? There are actually so many things that we can do to stop having this mentality where we care so much! And I definitely think there is a difference between being "carefree" and "careless". We don't want to be careless! One thing - don't let people get to you! If they upset you, you don't need to go in all guns blazing if it's only over the tinniest detail. I always think you never know either what is going on in people's lives. so don't react in a certain before you understand the full extent of the situation. Just be nice to people! I'm seeing too many scenarios recently where people are just bitching about others and slagging them off. Cool! What are you going to achieve by doing that? Because most likely, you'll get the reputation of talking about people and being two faced. Like do you really care that much to make a deal out of it? Like I said, everyone has their own s*** that they are dealing with. Sometimes, it's better to not get involved.


I found it very hard to love myself until recently, where I am happy in myself. I was always worried about the stigma behind stretch mars, cellulite, chins and various other body features. Now I tell myself, I am who I am. I should love myself. Your body can do some pretty amazing things too. Don't focus on the weaknesses and push your energy into talking about what you do love about yourself.

Control your anger. Definitely my weakness! I'm a bit of a hot head if something upsets me, I find it so hard to not show it. I tend to go quite quiet and stiff (such a weirdo haha). I don't know why I do this, my body just seems to take control of my mind! Sometimes, we can get provoked and it can be really hard to not show how you feel from this. Try and be the better person and display a cool and courteous manner. 10 SECOND RULE - stop, breathe and think it all through.

Identify what makes you stressed. Write it down. Do some of these things really need to make you feel this way? if not, ELIMINATE

Remove the negativity from your life. I did this recently and boy did it feel amazing. I removed followers on Instagram that just don't resonate with me and followers that I just didn't want to see anymore. I even did this with Facebook. People that bring me negativity.....BYE! Why should I be friends with someone that bring me down and by doing this, I remove the negativity out of my life. It's called self care. Do you want toxic people connected to you? Social media is a place where you need to feel empowered so do what you need to do to feel this. You can also surround yourself with positive people who bring you up than drag you down. Lastly, have no regrets! You only have one life. Make the most of it, and live it to at most fullest!

Spend time doing nothing. Are you one of those people who are always and don't exactly make life easy for yourself. Take a break? You deserve that time for a bit of self care. Whether this is catching up on TV (Four In A Bed - guilty pleasure), seeing people, taking a bath or going to have a treatment. Treat yourself without worrying about not being productive. Things will see to themselves in their own time. You have plenty of time to do it! Just relax and enjoy life...

I don't want to care what others think about me anymore. You can't have everyone like you in life! But the ones who do and we both make time to check on and care for each other, deserve to be present. Don't suck your time, sanity and energy into negative things. You don't need to do that to yourself...

This is me. I am at my happiest self. Surrounded by the family and friends that I want in my life. I make my own choices, try to live a care free life, help others and show my gratitude to the world...

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