The Way I Became A Happier Person

Life is different for us all. We all have different aspirations and dreams. From young ages we dream to be things like an astronaut or a train driver. Some even want to be rich and famous. For me, my goal is to always do whatever makes me happy. If I thought that something would make me unhappy I wouldn't do it. I always had the mindset of "don't do anything you don't want to", and I've always thought this concept my whole life.

Growing up you're surrounded by all kinds of people. Especially at secondary school you find yourself surrounded by people who I always thought were very different to me. I wanted to be like them, but something inside me felt that it wasn't me. There will always be that group of "populars" as I called them in school who wear all the latest trends, have the best makeup and just look "amazing". But no, that wasn't who I wanted to be. I wanted to be my own person and I was happy about that.

A few years ago, I was the girl who could be walked over by people. I would back down beneath them as I thought it was right, even though I wouldn't be in the wrong. But recently, I have learnt to step up for myself. Do the right thing. I will make my feelings known now instead of hiding them to not cause a problem. I now think that if someone was to upset me or be rude, "why should I be treated like this?"

I then told myself that I needed to make some important changes to give me and make me a happier person in life, and I am so glad I did.

1. Removing the negativity and give less of a f***

I now try (and I say try) to not care what people say or think about me. As a sensitive person, it can be challenging, but now I just think if a person doesn't like me, then what have I really lost? I like to remove any negativity out of my life and reach out to a new and positive outlook. Truthfully, I needed a push to realise that I shouldn't care so much what people say about me and behind my back. Okay it can be upsetting but choosing to ignore these irrelevant comments as I have got older, has really changed me into the person I want to be.

2. Maintaining a happy and healthy relationship

Yes relationships can be really hard and I think it would be incorrect to say that my relationship if anyone's is 100% perfect, but we are very happy! Like most couples, we have experienced ups and downs (thanks lockdown), but moving past that, we have learnt to listen to each other and respect one another. Being in a confined space with the same person 24/7 each and everyday was challenging and I'm not saying I am the perfect partner either (total drama queen), but this has massively taught us a life lesson. Lewis is like a big child, and when we are together, we're always laughing and mucking around like kids. I think the past year has taught us to not take life too seriously and because of that, we've become happier people. We're honest and always take the time to talk things through. Last November, I lost my Grandfather who gave me so much joy and happiness - Lewis has been my rock throughout this and supported me through the tears and emotions, as I him and now, we are closer than ever. He's my best friend.

3. I spend more time appreciating life

I once thought to myself, life is so precious and because of this, I should take each and every opportunity. As I've got older I most definitely have learnt to appreciate life that little bit more. I am so so lucky to live where I am surrounded by beautiful scenery. In ways I am not just appreciating my own life, but appreciating what life is; what it gives us. Life, animals, beauty. I went on a coastal walk today and I thought "I am so lucky to live by the sea and soaking up all the goodness it gives us". Life is exactly what I make it and I know that with the effort, I will work so so hard to become the best that I can be!

4. Surround yourself with good people

I surrounded myself with some really amazing friends - say no to toxic people. Friends are there to support you, listen and be there for you. Sometimes some are not all that and that is where you cut the line. Be surrounded by positive people and find people you can be your true self without facing any judgement!

5. Music, Music, Music

Music puts me in such a happy mood and whenever I'm singing at the top of my voice I am at my happiest (sorry Lewis for the poor vocals). Music has the power to let yourself be who you want to be. Express yourself through music. It releases a chemical into the brain that has a key role in setting your mood. I love listening to music and cannot be without it.

All I can say is just do things for you. Do what you want in life. Do what makes YOU happy. Don't do something just because it makes someone else happy. You live your life, as you only have one of it, so best make it count eh?

I would love to know your top tips for being happy, share them below!

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