Trying To Overcome My Struggle

Your personal weight can really affect you in life and for me this has. It's not often I write personal blog topics but today I feel the need to. I am trying to make a change to my lifestyle, my diet and my weight. Firstly, I am not writing this blog to gain attention. That is never my intention when I write blog posts. I want to be the motivation for someone to aspire to and make the changes they want to in their life. I want to be that someone that people can relate to and feel confident in themselves.

Before the lockdown on 2020, I didn't feel confident in my body. I felt big, insecure and always conscious what other people thought of me. I hated wearing those little skimpy dresses on a night out, worried what people, in particular boys, would think of me. I had issues with stretch marks and cellulite - I hated them both. It wasn't until now, when I look back on this time that I see that I was my ideal weight. But back then, I felt big? Like most people, I have put on weight since these two lockdowns and I have been very open about this. There's no point hiding it as its visible. Yes, people might talk and notice different features about me but that only affects themselves as it doesn't bother me. I notice more features on my body. Stretch marks have developed in newer places and my body is changing. This is where I put my foot down and make a difference for myself.

I don't want to be the weight that I am, but I am the sole person to blame for getting into this. The lack of wanting to cook and new independence lead to takeaways. I don't want to be doing this anymore. The past two weeks I have put my foot down. I have weighed myself, stuck to a new diet, physical exercise everyday (including the gym) and deleted every single food delivery app on my phone. I think for this it's not about blaming yourself for the habit, it's about believing yourself and identifying the changes. I think I'm very strong for doing this and it can be a scary thing talking about it. It makes me vulnerable to the world of social media.

I have now created a new routine for myself. I try and do 10,000 steps plus a day (apart from the two days I am in work the full day) and regular gym sessions on top of this.

I have eaten healthier the past two weeks and I have noticed a massive difference in this change. I feel fitter, more wide awake and almost as if I can take on the world. I am not doing this change for anyone else but me. The true people in my life will like me for who I am, not what size I am.

My new changes
  • Getting to bed earlier and waking up earlier

  • Everyday exercise (10,000+ steps and gym sessions)

  • Snacking on fruit rather than crisps and cakes

  • Cutting out fruit juice

  • Eating low calorie meals

I'll be documenting my lifestyle and change regularly over social media to inspire and show others that if you feel the same as I do, you are not alone!

All the best,

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