What Is Your Dream?

It's a good question isn't it? Like how are you meant to know what you want to do when you grow up. When I was younger, it was the usual train driver, footballer or fireman. Now it's a YouTuber or social media influencer, which I think is crazy! Not because they want to do these job roles, but because young people of today see social media influencers and believe they rack up millions of pounds, and that's why they want to do it. But not every social media influencer is as successful as what they seem in front of the camera.

From a young age I'd been quite lucky and always knew what I had wanted to be. I remember receiving an X Factor karaoke machine one Christmas, and I was obsessed by it! I made up silly games in my bedroom and had my own little radio show called "Ella FM", except I was its only listener! There was a joke in my family that because I spoke so much, the radio would be perfect, because then they could just turn the radio off the actually shut me up!

Things shifted at one point, however, and I started the want to be a primary school teacher. I have always wanted to help people in life and this seemed like the perfect profession to help small individuals. This was short lived, as I soon turned my attention back to radio.

I suppose it is hard though to understand what you want to do, especially when it comes to choosing courses at GCSE level and then A-Level. I was told to think of these as just stepping stones to get me into further education. If you don't know what to do in life as a career, then just do the courses you enjoy and are good at. This way you can guarantee good results, as you'll know you'll work hard in the subject! I chose English Literature, Health and Social Care and Medieval History at A-Level. I was still in two minds about becoming a primary school teacher hence the choice of health and social care. I chose history, because I absolutely love the subject and find it so interesting. English was probably a poor choice for me. I really struggled to understand the various concepts and ideas of the literature, but only did it as I thought it would benefit my road to a career in radio.

So... what is a dream job?

They are engaging: Dream jobs keep you engaged, challenged and something you can put all your passion and energy into!

  • They help others: Dream jobs help others directly or indirectly.

  • They use your talents: Dream jobs use your specific talents and skills that you enjoy doing

  • They maintain a positive workspace: Dream jobs have an upbeat and transparent company culture.

  • They offer work-life balance: Dream jobs understand the value of and support maintaining a solid work-life balance.

source. Indeed.com

When considering your dream job, it is also important to consider the location and salary factors. Will you need to move away for work? Is it viable at the moment and could you afford to do it? Sometimes I also think it's not what you know, it's who you know. The more work experience you get, the more connections you'll have. I also think it's a great idea to start your own LinkedIn page. Share your content and your work and make connections from the industry your passionate in.

Start with some steps and ask yourself, what is your dream? Who do you want to be?

  1. What is your passion?

  2. Can you see it as a career? Find your strengths!

  3. Talk to people to find out what your passion is

  4. Study and take classes first, figure out your career later

  5. Consider the work environment you need

  6. Find a drive inside you to help achieve your dreams

Consider your talents, and talk to professionals

Top Five Dream Jobs And Salary's - source Indeed.com

1. Game tester

National average salary: £30,851 per year

Primary duties: A computer games tester plays games to check if they work as intended. They work with the creator of video games and provide feedback that can be useful for improving the performance of such games before they reach the general public. One of the obvious perks of working in this role is the chance to experience the latest games before most people.

2. Firefighter

National average salary: £37,640 per year

Primary duties: A firefighter's job is to protect people in emergencies, particularly fires. These people work as part of a local community to protect the people of that community. As a firefighter, you can expect to undergo rigorous training. The ability to follow instructions is a useful skill to have in this role. Being able to communicate clear instructions is equally as useful.

3. Entrepreneur

National average salary: £41,735 per year

Primary duties: An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business. If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, multitasking is a useful skill, as you may often be managing many activities at once. Being an entrepreneur means that you're mostly going to be self-employed while you set up your own businesses.

4. Model

National average salary: £44,691 per year

Primary duties: As a model, your responsibility is to represent a brand. Models are mostly required in the apparel or beauty industry, so you can expect to model for either a fashion or makeup company. In addition, the company you're working with may provide the training required to succeed in a modelling gig. Agencies can hire models, but they could also work freelance. An important skill to have as a model is confidence.

5. Author

National average salary: £55,158 per year

Primary duties: An author's main job is to create to write books and other content. As an author, there are different genres you could write about. Such genres include children's bedtime stories, romance or thrillers. Also, as an author, you can expect to spend long hours writing to meet deadlines. Therefore, to succeed as an author, its beneficial to be patient and disciplined.

I hope you can fulfil your dreams, fuel your passions and don't let anyone stand in the way of you. If you believe it, you'll achieve it!

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