Why Can We Feel Lonely?

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

At times, loneliness can get the best of us and it isn't a very nice feeling. Like many of us I felt exceptionally lonely during the lockdown. But this loneliness can sometimes linger on, even if we're not technically lonely anymore. Basically we're stuck in the past; because we already have gone a time of loneliness, our minds tend to trick us and make us believe that it is still present. If we have gone through a big event for example, the 2020 lockdown, it theoretically means we are still hungover from the past. This has happened to me and I still have this sort of weird attachment to the lockdown. I believe I'm still restricted from doing so many things, when in actual fact, these have all been eased now. Another link to loneliness could even go back into your childhood. Did you restrict yourself from joining in and playing games with other children? Maybe this has become evident in your adult life? If there is a past hurt that is preventing you from joining or if you feel like you can't, then it would be a really good idea to consider therapy. This will talk through your problems and help you overcome them. Therapy also creates and forms a safe and supportive network between you and the therapist in order to solve and identify these old feelings and emotions.

Loneliness can also lead to some mental health problems if it is not recognised. If you understand that you fit into the category of experiencing loneliness, then as hard as it may be, you can do something about it! There are loads of tips and advice for people to seek and follow. There are also so many charities that can offer support.

- Befriending Networks - If you know someone who is lonely then they can contact a Befriending Network. Volunteers offer support and reliable relationships to people who feel socially isolated. All across the UK there are loads of befriending products to ensure that people are not alone. These projects enable people to open up their life again and lead to an increase of self esteem and confidence. The networks could also take off the burden from other services that people may use inappropriately.

- Research local groups and hobbies - How can you know what hobbies you enjoy doing without even trying anything? Taking up and falling in love with a new hobby is the best way to break up some time. If you have a garden, make the most of it and put some gloves on. Schemes such as Garden Buddies match people up over the age of sixty with volunteers who will help you garden, whilst also providing you with company too!

- Don't compare yourself to other people - People live their own independent lives in their own ways. It's hard when we see people splashed all over social media having fun when you're sat at home, but you shouldn't compare yourself to them. It could be an old photo and you never know what is going is someone else's life. We can't truly know how others feel and off social media, they could be feeling as lonely as you are.

I'm thankful that my four months of this isolation is over. Is wasn't particularly easy, but looking back at it, I feel I coped quite well. I took up this blog for a start. I have always had a passion for blogging and I love reading how everyone enjoys reading them. It inspires me to create more blogs for people to relate to and also use for advice - I love helping others and this has been my gateway to doing so.

I always love hearing your ideas - if there is a topic you would like me to write about either DM me on Instagram @ellasampson or email me on ejsampson13@gmail.com

Keep well,

EJ x

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