Why Lazy Sundays Are Everything!

I used to hate Sundays...they felt like such a nothing day - now I love them!

When I was younger, I used the hate Sundays. They felt like a complete nothing day for me, whilst my parents cracked on with their housework. I used to get so bored of not doing anything. Traditionally, they were dedicated 'family days', where we would have to spend the day as a family, but sometimes my parents were too busy doing jobs around the house. As soon as I left home, I started to appreciate Sundays...

I suppose when I was younger I had no commitments. No working lifestyle and no important chores to do around the house, apart from the odd job to help my parents out. Looking back, for them, Sundays were that day to squeeze in any jobs they could, before Monday came around again. I would find myself being moodier at the thought of going to school or college the next day and found that Sundays were that day to complete the last-minute homework that was set the week before.

Now I love a lazy Sunday. Lying in bed for that rare lie-in, currently no child commitments and just taking things easy. It's also a good day for a little bit of cleaning. The weekdays are so busy so Sunday gives me that bit of time to be productive. Don't get me wrong, I also love getting up early on a Sunday too. Seizing the day, whether that be a morning walk by the sea and grabbing a coffee to fitting in an early gym session.

Sometimes, we are so invested in trying to keep busy with meetings, work and fit in a social life, that I ask why don't we switch off for a bit and try to recuperate in some 'me-time'.

I especially love when it's raining, getting cosy and cooking a comforting dinner. Or tea should I say for my fellow South-Western readers, now that I am residing here! I'm sorry, you'll have the accept me using the word dinner for my 'tea' - that's not changing! Tonight, I'm making toad in the hole, with mash, carrots, peas, leeks and a red wine onion gravy - the ultimate comfort dish!

If you're not in the mood for chilling on a Sunday, then I think the best other way to spend a Sunday is with family. I've always called it 'family Sundays' where we go for a nice country walk, have a roast dinner and just spend quality time together. But I absolutely get it now why people have lazy Sundays and just take a day to themselves. It's totally normal and you should not feel bad for doing so.

Things You Can Do On A Sunday:

  • Treat yourself to a lie in (sometimes its just nice to even chill in bed with a cuppa, a bit of toast or pastry and get lost in a book)

  • Go for a roast and have a day off from cooking. My absolute favourite place for a roast has to be The Burrator Inn, near the moors in Devon. As a vegetarian, their veggie choice is amazing and OMG you have to try the cauliflower cheese!!!

  • Clean around the house. Sometimes a little cleaning with some music can be really good for your mind. It gets you in the zone and you'll feel great for having a clean space after

  • Meet with friends and family - socialising is great and it's really important to make time for friends or family

  • Enjoy a movie marathon and have a sofa day

  • Go out a for a dog walk (or doggie snuggles on the sofa)

I don't even hate Mondays. My Sunday is the perfect day for planning the week and getting organised. You'll often find me blogging on a Sunday, trying to create as much content to schedule for the next Sunday. But I wouldn't change it for the world. I love writing and I love my blogging.

I think Sundays should be your day. You shouldn't feel worried that you're being too lazy or too busy. It's your time to choose as to how you want to spend it. And that is completely okay! Self-care is something everyone should be intact with and finding that special time is important, whether that's on a Sunday or not. That time is your own.

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