Why The Beach Is So Good For Your Health

It's been a miracle to escape our enclosed lives and get out and about. Two weeks ago when Boris Johnson made the announcement that it would be possible to sunbathe and relax in many outdoor spaces, the population of England jumped up at the chance, myself included.

Spending many weeks trapped in the same area all became so repetitive, that I felt that I wasn't motivated enough to go out on walks as I was going round and round the same neighbourhood. So as soon as we had the green light, I couldn't keep away from these beautiful surrounding areas such as the beaches.

There is that big debate that perhaps we should not be going to the beaches. Looking at news sources lately, beaches such as Southend-on-Sea and Brighton have been packed with visitors from all over that even social distancing became almost impossible. My beliefs are if we are going to continue these social distancing measures, then why go to such a populated area where it is known that big crowds will be going? Personally, with social distancing in the matter, why not go to a place which is slightly quieter? Why do the general public feel the need to make way to the most popular sites when there are plenty of other quieter beautiful locations to visit?

I love going to the beach and with myself currently in between Devon and Cornwall, I have the privilege to visit many local smaller beaches. Last Wednesday, whilst down at Tregantle Beach upon Whitsand Bay in Cornwall, I did brave the sea; although I wouldn't recommend this - especially in May! Visiting Tregantle, everyone seemed to respect the social distancing measures in place. Luckily, the beach is on such a wide scope that social distancing measures are made possible. The only complication with Tregantle is parking - there is not much parking at the top of the cliff walk down to the beach so therefore trips to this beach might not be encouraged by the local council. If you're early enough, parking wouldn't be a problem. But when it gets to situations of obstructing the road, then it can become dangerous for drivers. The second slight issue with Tregantle is the steep walk down; it is tight and fairly narrow path making the two meter distancing hard, although beach-goers tried extremely hard to keep to these regulations. However, if you can brave the steep walk on the way back to your car, this beach is a must!

Going to the beach can have so many health benefits for you. It is important to get out every now and again if you can, to achieve and enjoy these benefits that are right there for you.

  • RELIEVES STRESS - going to the beach definitely relieves you from stress. You don't have to worry and think about anything when you're there and if you do have any you can just let them all fade away. The soothing sounds of the waves is definitely a stress buster because your focus is now placed upon these noises - it's a calming effect.

  • YOU GET A BETTER NIGHTS SLEEP - I always feel tired after spending a day at the beach. This is due to the sunlight - your body is working harder to stay cooler leading to dehydration. Because of this, it is so important to keep your fluids up during this trip to the beach. This is also a symptom of fatigue. There is also the case of the sun suppressing our melatonin in our bodies. This is a hormone in our bodies that helps our sleep-wake cycles. Upon leaving the beach you become tired because these melatonin levels start working again, leaving you shattered!

  • DAILY DOSE OF VITAMIN D - by having a visit to the beach, you are able to gain Vitamin D which is one of the most important vitamins in our diets. It has been discovered that only ten minutes in the sun is enough for humans to absorb their daily dose of Vitamin D.

  • A GREAT PLACE TO EXERCISE - the beach is a brilliant place for exercise to take place. If you think about it, long walks in the sand can prove to be quite difficult. However, the difficulty in this task actually utilises more muscle use than it would walking along the pavement. The beach is also a great place for ball games with family or friends and even a swim if it is safe enough to do so.

  • A FREE BEAUTY TREATMENT! - save some money and get a free treatment for free! Sand at the beach acts to exfoliate our hands, feet and bodies, therefore getting plenty of rid from those unwanted dead skin cells! The sea water has also been proven to detoxify our bodies. The combination of sunlight and saltwater is able to open up our pores, get rid of excess oils and give us nice skin all over

So that's my small round up of the amazing and FREE benefits from going to the beach. As we are due to have plenty of hot weather in the up and coming weeks, I'm sure to be spending a lot of my time there.

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend,

EJ x

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